There they are – the room is full of people all trying to win the same job you’re going for. 


How will you stand out when you’re going for an interview? 


There are a few tricks you can use:


  1. Be early. Rushing in at the last minute or being late will not fly. Being early gives you time to compose yourself, get a feel for the energy of the company, and guarantee you’re in the right place.
  2. Research the company. Know who you’re trying to work for. Look up the company history, latest news, and more. When you’re able to address the company in the interview, it will show that you know how to prepare.
  3. Wear bold colors. If you’re interviewing for a job where everyone will need to wear suits, put a brightly colored handkerchief in the pocket. If you’re able to wear dresses or blouses, wear something that has color in it. You don’t want to blend in, and color makes people happy. 
  4. Be honest about you. Don’t be afraid to talk about your strengths modestly. Also, talk about your areas for improvement. You don’t need to sound like a superhero, but you also don’t need to sound pitiful. Just be honest about what you do well and what you can do better with.
  5. Be specific about accomplishments. You should track your accomplishments over the years. Keep a book where you can write down things like sales growth, closed cases, or whatever qualifies as an accomplishment in your business. Even if it’s perfect attendance, have it written down. Then know those things when you arrive at the interview.
  6. Ask interesting questions. Everyone will ask about some basic things, but look for angles where you can ask unique questions. It might be about a project the company has been working on or one they completed. Ask about things others wouldn’t think of.
  7. Virtual backgrounds. If you’re going to a virtual interview and want to use a virtual background, choose one that makes sense. The command chair of a starship is not awesome. Choose something that’s not too distracting. If it’s a room scene, choose one that’s clean and neat.
  8. Have a personality. Don’t be too funny. No one wants to hire a comedian (unless you’re applying at a comedy club), but add a little levity to the entire thing. Yes, you’re under pressure, but smile and relax. This might be incredibly important for you, but the more you smile, the more relaxed you’ll be. It will make the entire experience easier for you and your interviewer.
  9. Leave a takeaway. If you’re doing a live interview, as you walk out, leave them something, like a copy of your portfolio or a letter of recommendation. If you’re doing a virtual interview, email something right after the meeting. The goal is to leave behind something they can look at. 
  10. Be creative. Being creative might mean something different in different fields, but a little creativity goes a long way. You don’t need to do a piece of performance art, but you can choose to do something that’s going to stand out while you’re there. 


“To thine own self be true.” That’s the most important factor. If you go in acting like the “perfect candidate,” you’ll leave as the perfect candidate, not the new employee. Be yourself and relax. It will all go well.