No matter how old you are or how many jobs you have, starting a new job is an exciting, nervous event. 


When you’re starting a new job, you can just walk in and see how it goes or you can plan ahead.


Here are some tips to make starting on your first day and week much easier.


  1. Test run everything. On a day before you start work, get up at the time you think you should, make coffee, get dressed, and drive to work. Make sure the timing works out. If you get there really early, great. Keep it that way for a while. If you’re cutting it close, start earlier.
  2. Have multiple routes to work. Look for alternative routes to work. You don’t want your first or second day to get here and you find out there’s an accident on the highway. Have a bunch of routes, even crazy long ones, so you always have an alternative.
  3. Learn about your new company. Take the time to research your new company, the people in charge, and even your manager, if you can. Learn what you can about them. 
  4. Confirm your schedule. Make certain you know what time you’re expected at work. Don’t assume that everyone starts at nine. It could be an office where people start at 8:30. If you can get it in writing from your manager or HR, that’s best.
  5. Contact your manager. Call and talk to your manager. If it’s appropriate, show up a day or so before and introduce yourself. This way, there’s a familiar face on your first day. 
  6. Introduce yourself to your team virtually. If you know who your team is going to be, reach out to them via email and say hello. It might be helpful to ask your manager if it’s okay to contact everyone. Just let them know who you are. Include a photo of yourself so they know what you look like.
  7. Find a work buddy. In some businesses, you’ll be assigned a buddy who will show you the ropes. They might just give you a quick tour, or you might work together for a few days until you know where everything is. If your company doesn’t assign you a buddy, introduce yourself to the people in your office or workplace. Some of them will keep their distance, but others will open up and invite you to ask them for help. If you get more than one person to offer help, spread your questions around a little.
  8. Take it easy on yourself. The first week will be stressful. Take time when you can to make it easier on yourself. Order dinner to be delivered. Rent a movie. Let the house get a little messier. Take a bath. Whatever you can do to relax and take it easier on yourself will help to keep your sanity and make it easier to focus.
  9. Get a little exercise. A walk in the evening or whenever will help you clear your mind. It will help you focus better on what you’re doing at work each day. You don’t need to run a marathon; you can just step out and clear your head.


There are lots more ways to make your first few days at a new job easier, but start with these and you’ll find that everything works out great.