The world has changed a lot for skilled workers. So, how can you find the right job for you? What should you ask for or simply hope for?

WFH or In Office

It’s trendy to work from home. Everyone, especially since the pandemic started, has been working at home or at least entertaining the idea of not going into the office for their job. 

Working from home isn’t great for everyone. Some people need an office to do their best. If you have never been stuck in the house with your spouse for weeks at a time, working from home can put a lot of stress on a relationship. If you have four kids, two dogs, three cats, and a house that’s in constant pandemonium, work is a break that you might appreciate. 

If you want to work from home or at least, try to find a remote job, lead with that. Your job search should start with looking for remote work. If you’re sending your resume to employment agencies, tell them that you want remote work right at the beginning. 


Looking for a job based on the employer’s potential is new for many of us. If you were top of your class grad with perfect grades, you might have had your pick of many places to begin your career, but most people never had more than one or two choices. 

Today’s market lets you look at the employers closely. Will there be additional opportunities with them in the future? Is this a vision and a company you can get behind?

Many people don’t think in terms of “forever jobs” anymore. Much of that was caused by employers always looking for ways to cut costs. Many good companies are starting to see that they need to make long-term, even lifetime, employment part of their structure. Life is easier for the upper management if there isn’t constant rollover in the middle ranks. Now might be the perfect time to look for a forever job.