You have someone who’s leaving, has left, or has been asked to leave. 

No worries! In the middle of a talent shortage, you find yourself looking for someone to fill an executive position in your company. Tough choices ahead, right.

You can make it easier on yourself and let someone else do the searching. 

An executive talent search agency, often referred to as headhunters, can be the right choice when you’re looking for someone to be a leader in your organization. 

In this blog, we’re going to look at why you should use an executive search agency.

The Process is in Your Control

The entire process of the executive search is in your control. 

It starts with an interview about your business, your needs, the needs of the role you’re hiring for, and what you hope to find in a candidate.

There are lots of great leaders in the world, but they don’t necessarily fit into your company’s culture. When you’re looking for someone, once you’ve looked at their resume, it’s those soft skills you’re looking for. Your recruiter will ask about those skills and that culture. They get a sense of what you need and who you are. They will match your needs and wants with the people they review.

It’s Better than Doing an In-house Hunt

Your in-house team is great but they have a lot going on, the phone pinging about PTO, payroll to prep and send, and a hundred other things that cross their desks every day. 

Now, they start looking for a key member of your team. They might have a few resumes, but they must advertise, vet through a whole bunch of resumes, start the initial interviews, run skills and reference checks, then, finally, refer the candidate to you.

A recruiter is constantly advertising and “headhunting.” We’re always looking for people. We have hundreds of resumes in our files. We look for the skills and locations you need. Then we look for the soft skills the position requires. Often, we send you candidates in days where your in-house team will take weeks. 

Why Not Let a Machine Do It?

There are services online that say they’ll get you candidates in hours. They do it by having artificial intelligence (AI) review resumes for the hard skills you need. The machine can’t even begin to find the soft skills you need. 

A standard resume doesn’t often list soft skills, but a human recruiter can read between the lines and know what soft skills that person needed to be successful in their past positions. No machine can do that. 

When it comes time for you to interview the candidate, they’ve already been vetted by a real human who understands your needs and what that candidate might be able to offer. 

So hiring a recruiter is more effective, faster, and has you doing a lot less of your own work. And your HR team can focus on the human resources you have now!