A creative talent search firm from soup to nuts. MTP specializes in unique high-stake creative talent searches with a reach that extends around the world. But, we haven’t forgotten that a large part of the work includes your satisfaction. That means we take an approach that builds long-term relationships and seeks mutual success. Our aim is to make you happy with every step of the process – and keep you that way!

We Know What
We’re Doing

Our process ensures you get the very best. So, we begin by listening to our clients and taking on their every need. We then bring expertise, strategy, and perspective to the table, making sure to find people who are game-changers. A new team member that you won’t believe you’ve ever lived without.

& Speed

MTP is small by design. This allows us to be responsive and flexible without any petty bureaucracy.

the Expected

We don’t just look for people who check boxes. We recruit leaders who will make a difference in your organization – people who excel in their chosen fields and who can make your company shine.

Global Reach
& Personal Attention

We search all over the world for the right people. Our extensive searches are met with highly personalized attention.

& Smiles

We know the importance of humor – especially in the face of stressful business – so we love working with clients who can share a laugh.

Your Success
is Ours

MTP has successfully completed hundreds of creative executive talent searches across various industries since 2013. But, we don’t brand them a success until you do!

How It Works

MTP has conducted hundreds of creative executive talent searches spanning all levels of experience. We cover the full spectrum of management positions, from up-and-coming creatives, to highly sophisticated, mission-critical executive leaders.

But, we are far more than just creative search consultants. We are business advisors, too. Our guidance on organizational structure, position roles, requirements and compensation has earned the trust of our clients and enabled us to forge enduring partnerships.

This is just one reason why organizations choose to continue working with MTP at a much higher rate than with other creative talent solutions agencies. In fact, ninety percent of our engagements are with existing clients – a number that far exceeds the industry average.

& Diversity

Not all the most qualified candidates are on the market or on other search firms’ radar – which is why we often think outside of the box to locate them. MTP is constantly identifying and building relationships with talented professionals so that we can recruit them for opportunities when they arise. In our diversity-driven recruitment efforts, we present candidates who both reflect the unique composition of our client’s target market and complement the organization’s culture.

We have a basic goal for every business transaction; find the best leaders who produce the best results. And, we’re proud to say that we’ve met this goal for our clients for almost a decade.


No one likes surprises – or having to pound on doors for an answer. That’s why you’ll hear from us weekly during the life of your search. You’ll be constantly updated and know exactly where everything stands at all times.

& Executive Assessment

Two of the key elements we look for in recruits are leadership and cultural experience. That ensures your long-term success because chemistry matters as much as skills and accomplishments. But our ability to evaluate talent is meaningful only when we also can determine how candidates fit within an organization.

And that’s why we’re here. To achieve optimal synergy and productivity, to empower team members to better cooperate, and to communicate and engage by highlighting the personal styles and preferences of each individual member.

& Pricing

We base our flat fee on complexity as opposed to the successful candidate’s compensation.

& Expertise

We get that this might be your first search – but it’s our 500th. This is what we do every single day and why we do it successfully, so you should rest assured that all your needs are in safe hands.

About Us

For over a decade, our passion has led us to recruit creative talent that makes a difference to our clients’ businesses. And, we deliver them alongside advice, strategy, and perspective.

We understand that the best hire impacts all facets of your business – from revenue, to strategy, to brand, to culture – which is why we don’t settle for the easy candidate. Instead, we seek out the right candidate.

That’s why MTP wants to be your partner for the long haul. Not only do we immerse ourselves in your company’s DNA, we become a part of it. We take your success very seriously and throw both ourselves and our resources into finding the right candidates – candidates you want at your side. And, we do it with humor and grace!


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